Repair Services

Every accident is different, but the repair process in general terms remains the same. Different insurance companies and work providers have various systems and processes they prefer the repairer to use and it is our business to know what these are.

The following will help you understand the processes we may need to use to take your vehicle from its damaged state to its repaired state and ready for delivery to you.



Estimate and assessment

In broad terms there are now two types of estimates and assessments. In both situations we will take a number of digital images of your vehicle including the damage areas and general information images such as registration, W.O.F, odometer and vehicle I.D details. These details are required by all insurance companies as a part of the digital assessing process, but also help us with relevant information required when pricing parts from our suppliers.
The digital assessment process. This process of damage assessment has been adopted by many insurance companies in recent years and reduces the requirement for their assessors driving from repairer to repairer to view multiple vehicles.

Instead the images of the vehicle and the accident damage, along with the repair estimate will be either e-mailed to the assessor or uploaded directly onto the insurance company’s server.

This process requires a level of trust and communication between both repairer and assessor and is generally a very streamlined and efficient process.

The physical assessment process. This is the process used for many years and is a more personal approach to the assessment. The assessor will be called to view the vehicle and discuss the repair procedure and estimate at our premises.
This type of assessment is especially useful for larger repairs with multiple areas of damage that can be difficult to see in an image.

Parts supply

Unfortunately there can sometimes be delays in receiving parts, generally due to them not being available in the country and having to be ordered from the manufacturer overseas. In some cases where recycled parts are being sourced from other parts of the country, delays can be experienced due to the freighting of larger parts. On the odd occasion we do have difficulty locating some parts altogether. In this situation it is usually just a matter of time before the parts are found and delivered to us. We will keep you updated on all expected timeframes as we proceed with repairing your vehicle.

The repair

Depending on the extent of the damage the repair process could take anywhere from two days to several weeks. At Perfect Autobody we do our utmost to ensure your vehicle is back on the road in the shortest time possible. You will be advised of any delays if they arise.


In order for us to start the repairs we will need authorisation from your insurance company. Delays in authorisation can be experienced due to a number of factors. The most common of these is due to incomplete claim forms where some information may not have been provided. It is important that you provide all requested information with your claim form or as soon as possible to avoid these delays.

Should there be any undue delays we would communicate this with to ensure the situation can be rectified as soon as possible.

Excess payment

Almost all insurance claims are subject to an excess. This is the amount you as the insured agree to pay in the event of a claim. In some situations the insurance company may waive the excess if it has been established that the liability lies with the other party. Your insurance company or broker should advise you of the amount payable at the time you make your claim and will also endeavour to seek recovery if you are not at fault, and the cost of the claim is recoverable from another party.

Excess payments are required on completion of the repair and prior to the vehicle leaving our premises.